Motocube started as an idea, Marc Lauzon, president of Motocube needed a storage for his spider bike. He used to spend a lot of time cleaning dust and dirt off his bike before every ride. It got him thinking of storage solutions that would make his riding more enjoyable. He was in need of something solid and sustainable that would keep his small vehicule clean and safe. He put his 30 years of experience in the welding fabrication industry...and created the Motocube.

Marc marine

Established in the Ottawa region since 1986, Marc Marine Welding is recognized for their outstanding service, efficiency and attention to details. Being one of the largest company in fabrication and installation of miscellaneous metal of the National Capital Region, our business counts 40 employees in both our workshops. We offer a wide range of services such as custom building, repairs, cutting, bending and even on the spot welding.